Engineering, Design, and Manufacturing

Tri-State Cast Technologies combines its engineering and design assets in India with its manufacturing assets in China to give customers a complete range of engineering, design, and manufacturing services.  This means that we can take our customers’ concepts and analyze the feasibility of performance criteria requested and then develop the full product design to include solid model data, assembly drawings, and costing on all components.  If necessary, we can also manufacture all components and fully assemble, test, and package the product.

This global mindset makes Tri-State Cast Technologies an asset to its customers and allows us to fill in the gaps that may exist in the customers’ manufacturing assets.  To start, all we need is your product idea and the performance criteria.  From there, we take the following steps.

  • Performance criteria feasibility
  • Product design alternatives
  • Material selection
  • 3D design data
  • 2D manufacturing drawings
  • Manufacturing costing
  • Build product prototypes
  • Manufacture production components
  • Assembly and Subassembly
  • Final testing and packaging