Tri-State Cast Technologies began investigating offshore opportunities in 1997.  This action was customer driven as we recognized the benefits that would result from combining our technical expertise with our customers’ need to lower their manufacturing costs and reduce their vendor base.  Recognizing that there are barriers to cost reduction in North America, we began partnering relationships with companies in China who could bring added value to our customers.  This activity grew to a point where we incorporated Affiliated Global Technologies and registered our operations in China in 2005.  We later expanded on this effort with engineering and design activities in India. In 2007, we registered AGT Components & Parts, Pvt., Ltd. there and established an office in Bangalore.  From this location, we can support our own engineering requirements as well as the engineering and product design requirements of our customers.  In summary, we feel that Tri-State Cast Technologies with our global reach can be one of the most valued suppliers on a customer’s vendor list.